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Here are out latest deviations ^^Duh...but I just stated the obvious

Um...Yah! Another custom!

Steampunk Status 01 by GasaraClipboard - Small Check by mirzjilesClipboard - To Get by mirzjilesClipboard - To Do by mirzjiles Clipboard - Notes by mirzjilesClipboard ABCs by mirzjiles

Don't get lost on our page! (Since I seem to be doing that...:<)
About us

We were born in Germany (Yey, Germany) and moved to England when we were 8 (which is 7 years ago, somewhere in the summer holidays)

We love drawing as much as we love writing, their both creative and just lets us get out this extremely boring sad world, if a person asks me why we write such fantasy storys instead of realistic,...Well there's too much misery in this stupid world...

So were improving our drawings, (though it's hard to do the hair without a tableeeeeet)
OC Maxi! by XMajutsu-shiX

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Welcome to our page!

Steampunk Status 01 by GasaraClipboard - Small Check by mirzjilesClipboard - To Get by mirzjilesClipboard - To Do by mirzjiles Clipboard - Notes by mirzjilesClipboard ABCs by mirzjiles

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Firstly, Thanks for coming on this page! Yes you, the one looking at your computer/laptop/tablet/phone screen. I hope you enjoy going through my deviations, love you to watch :D

Awesome people you should check out:
:iconxenophonxena: :iconfloblob:
Commission Info! (Link to journal)…
I do requests for friends!!

So were improving our drawings, (though it's hard to do the hair without a tableeeeeet)




I love her stories sooooo much!! I really don't know which one I should put here! Ummm...
Ludwig X Reader Training- Call me General
Ok so I decided to do a random one before the series! Don't know if it's a series though...

(Name) looked around slowly. The school assembly was going as boring as ever. In front was a blonde haired tall man. Half the girls were drooling over him, the boys were grumbling and (name) was falling asleep. The general glanced at her narrowing his eyes.
"Blah blah blah chosen, blah blah blah training." From the sound of his accent he sounded German. (Name) yawned a little to loudly. A vein twitched on the Generals face.
"Do you understand Frau?" He asked sweetly. (Name) blinked and glanced at where he was looking at.
"Ummm.... I believe I do... General" (Name) nodded.
"Could you please tell me then, ya?" Trying to ignore the sarcasm in the word General.
"Urm... something about training..." (Name) mumbled brushing her fringe out of her eyes, letting out another yawn.
"Ya... and you can be first to put


Her stories have a feel of fantasy. It's original and fresh. Her pictures and literature deserve more recognition!
Don't fish for love, especially with your heart. by Floblob :iconfloblob:


He's new and he's an idiot...sometimes or normally, he writes poems and makes photos, check it out!
Sticks And Stones
Sticks and Stones
Sticks and stones will break my bones,
But words will slowly kill me
Hurricanes will break my home,
But storms will never kill me
Death is not an experience,
we can wait for in life*
Guns will be the death of me,
If I pull the trigger
Cuts from Knives will make me bleed,
But bandages will heal them
Emotions though can cut deeper,
Hearts will never heal. 
Bombs will shatter my city,
love will shatter life 
Hate will destroy this world,
Friends the only shelter **
The world will be left broken, 
My words will describe it

Feedback is appreciated
But only if you want to




I was dared to do this quiz... Here are my results

Here's the link of you wanna try!…



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33 deviants said Noooo,
20 deviants said Meeeaaah- wait dA's changed? HOW
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110408571 by XMajutsu-shiX

That dinnertime the King smiled cheerfully at (Name). (Name) had already spilled everything that had happened and inside the King was worried. (Name) was only young, he didn’t want her going around fighting countries. However much he hated saying it he needed help, he needed allies.

And of course the countries had talked to him. The blond guy Ludwig for instance wanted to train her. The King knew Ludwig had been trough bitter and hard times. (Name) would need his help.

“So (Name) you’ll be going for a little trip around the world.” He finally explained. (Name) stopped eating and glanced at him. She’d been in a bad mood since going out of that meeting. “You need help to become a better country... I don’t want you being helpless in situations where you could fight and save yourself.”

“You’re sending me off?” She asked slowly. The King nodded trying to keep the smile on his face.

“It won’t be as bad as you’re making it out to be I’m sure, the blond guy first, Ludwig wants to teach you how to fight.” He nodded and waved at the suitcase being carried in.

“Off to Germany first.”

“(Name)” Ludwig greeted, sitting down. He coughed, he was great with encouraging words. Not. So what to say? He didn’t want to lie and tell her everything was going to be just fine and soon they would be BFF.

Because that would happen the day he wore a dress.

That would never happen.

(Name) sat opposite him, staring outside the plane window, trying not to scowl too much. The King had after all told her to be a bit nicer. Pfft.

“(Name)” Ludwig tried again. He gave her a firm look and she very slowly turned her head to face him. “I know we’ve had a bad start”

(Name) snorted in her milkshake.

Ludwig glared at her, then stopped and smiled. “I understand” he said glancing at the back of his hand, quickly skimming what he had written down before. “What you’re going through must be hard” he said looking up.

“Wouldn’t it be easier if I just read everything off your hand?” (Name) asked, staring at him. He was silent for a minute, wondering how to reply to that comment. He sighed.

“Fine, I’ll start again shall I?” he said sitting straighter, staring at her so that she was forced to stare back “Being a country is no walk in the park, in fact, none of us can prepare you for the challenges you’ll have to face, or for the problems you’ll encounter- or the feelings you’ll feel” he said, his look stern. “And I know we’ve had a bad start, but we’re both to blame, maybe more than you but let’s forget that now shall we?” he leaned forward “I want to help you (Name)” he said quietly “Because I know I would’ve appreciated some help when I turned into a country, now all I want from you- is a promise that you’ll try and understand what I’m doing, is that understood?”

(Name) took a graceful slurp from her milkshake, eyeing the man in front of her.

She nodded.

And turned back to face the window.


The plane flight lasted the entire day, thankfully for (Name), Ludwig had a phone call to attend most of the time so there was no awkward conversation. She was glad though, that he didn’t expect the two of them to become best friends.

They were dropped off at the airport in Berlin and from there they took a car ride to Ludwig’s house. They reached a house with a park neighbouring it. The estate was quiet, out of the city but not too far from the rest of the human population. Which was good.

By that time, it was night and (Name) was given a room in the attic, she hadn’t expected a modern house, more like a mansion or a castle. Which she had stated.

“I do have a castle” Ludwig had replied “But this is the best place to train”

And then she had been left to sleep for the night, with a promise that there would be a morning run.

(Name) didn’t see it coming. She didn’t see the jug of ice cold water staring down at her, held by a blonde German wearing tracksuits. But she did feel the icy cold water when hit her face only seconds after. She jumped and curled up in her duvet with a groan of despair and misery.

“Up you get (Name)” Ludwig said brightly “Unless you fancy a cold bath so early in the morning”

“Don’t you know it’s rude not to knock?” (Name) wailed.

“I’ll make sure to remember that next time ma’am” Ludwig said, amusement etched in his voice. “Now are you planning to get up?”

Silence from her side.

Ludwig gave an exaggerated sigh and grabbed the blankets with (Name) still inside, he heard a squeal of protest from inside the blanket

“I warned you” he said cheerfully.

(Name) didn’t know what to expect as she tried to wriggle out of the blankets. She felt him hauling her blanket like a sack, behind his back and walking down the stairs. Seconds later he let go, and (Name) felt water. She was drowning. He was drowning her! She hadn’t seen a river outside his house but he had probably chucked her out the window into the sea or something.

When she finally did get out of the blanket, she saw she was in the bath tub and he was laughing silently to himself.

She glared at him and slithered out mournfully from the tub, she slammed the bathroom door shut, throwing the soaking wet blanket on his face. She smiled to herself hearing him yell as the wetness engulfed him.

“We’ll have breakfast after we come back, it’s only a short run after all”

“Short run?” (Name) said suspiciously “how short exactly is short?” she asked walking after him out the door.  

“Oh you know” Ludwig said casually “half an hour to an hour at the most”

“Half an hour!” (Name)’s eyes widened “I’m sorry but that’s 29 minutes and 43 seconds over my limit”

“You were fine when you were running from me” Ludwig reminded her.

“That was different” (Name) scowled “I got magical abilities when I realized that I was getting chased by a bunch of loonies”

Ludwig rolled his eyes. “You’ll get used to it” he said uncertainly “in...time” He glanced at her, starting to jog “come on now” he said.

In 5 minutes, (Name) was panting, she dropped onto the ground, wishing she could crawl away and go back to sleep.

“Get up (Name)!” Ludwig called from behind her. (Name) spotted him coming round and jumped up, scrambling to the park only meters away.

“Where are you going (Name)!” Ludwig shouted as she pulled herself over the gate and fell again onto the other side. She glared at a boy around her age staring at her from the swings. He raised his eyebrows, his eyes twinkling in amusement. It was probably not a sight he saw often.

(Name) climbed up the slide and hid inside the little hut at the top. Seconds later she heard Ludwig’s voice.

“Haben Sie ein Mädchen kommen hier?”



(Name) blinked, she knew enough German to know that the boy had lied. Ludwig was silent for a bit before he muttered something under his breath and she saw him walk away through the cracks of the wood.

She sighed and made herself comfortable to go to sleep.


(Name) yelled and jumped up, coming face to face with the guy she had seen on the swing.

“Sprichst du Deutsch?” The boy asked curiously

“Er, no, nein, I mean I speak a bit..soo yea...Ich spreche deutsch a bit...kleine” (Name) replied standing up and dusting herself down.

The boy winced, probably at the bad German and then laughed. “Sie sind lustig” he grinned.

(Name) took her time decoding that. She frowned. “Are you saying I’m funny looking?” she snapped. The boy rolled his eyes and stared at her.

“So German girls aren’t the only girls who are so...mean” he said grinning. He had a strong German accent but apparently his English was fluent, although he took his time thinking about which words to use.

(Name)  stared at him in bemusement.  

“Aber (but)” the boy said thoughtfully “you are not English...” he said “deine...your accent” he explained. “I have never heard it before”

“ok” (Name) said sulkily “Thanks anyway, I mean danke” she said “but I have to go now”

Before he could reply, there was a wail from the direction of the ladder.

“Mama! gibt es ist ein Mädchen und ein Junge hier!” cried a little girl scuttling back down the ladder. She said something else. (Name) looked horrified. If she was right in what she had translated the girl had just told her mum that there was boy and a girl on the slide, and it sounded like something it wasn’t. As if they were...

The boy was now in fits of laughter.

(Name) glared at him and slid down where she saw the mum who gave her a dirty. The boy slid down behind her and grinned at the mother and daughter.

“Goodbye” (Name) grumbled.

“(Name)!” someone called. (Name) stopped and stared at the direction where someone had called her name to see Ludwig running up to the park. He glared at her and then turned to face the boy, his eyes narrowing.

“Meine feste freundin” The boy explained.

“Halt deine clappe” Ludwig snapped “(Name)” he turned to her “let’s go”

“We will meet again fraulin” The boy said bowing.

“No you will not,” Ludwig muttered under his breath. Ludwig gave him one last glare, took (Name)’s arm and stormed away, trying to ignore the laughter coming from behind him.


Hetalia Kid-Countrynapped Chapter 18
I know I know.... it's been literally months since we last updated this. :<
We are very sorry by the way, i know that won't change how long it took s but... like humans we were busy and I swear, for any of you who live in England you'll now just how hard A levels are. Echhherhccusnkje ceijvnekrv that's how hard simply. 
Anywho, here's the new chapter! Twist! YEYYYYYY
And I read some comments so I need to clear something up which I dont think was very obvious. They boy is her age, maybe older, I think people got the wrong idea and I guess thats my fault. 
Na also, hier kleinen!…
Chapter 2:…
Chapter 3:…
Chapter 4:…
Chapter 5:…
Chapter 6:…
Chapter 7:…
Chapter 9:…
Chapter 10:…
Chapter 11:…
Chapter 12:…
Chapter 13:…
Chapter 15:…
Chapter 16:…
Chapter 17: Hetalia Kid-Countrynapped Chapter 17
What a weird new thing...but hey! Its a new way to spam you guys! Yeye! Not so much for ya'll
The original status has been deleted
Does it annoy you if people hide their pageviews?
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Hello ye all!


This custom background is made by us, you are free to use it, (It's in out scrap)

thanks for clicking onto our page! even if it was by accident!

.....................................My bad! by XMajutsu-shiX


Another selfie... :->

Awesome writer who's writing is awesome: (If you read our fictions, you'll love hers :>) She's a very awesome (awesome is moi word) friend and though annoying sometimes very funny!
Speech Problems by XMajutsu-shiX
Hi! I finally decided to update this widget! However, my twin is lazy so she's doing not as import.ant stuff... Duh... Any who... I am sure a lot of you realized we are twins. One of our closest friends is here on da by the name Floblob, she is the sarcastic fantasy writer who fantasises things as well as thinking that we are apparently shorter than her... One of her stories includes of things such as Twisted Fairytales which you should check out.

Ok, now about us, we were born in Germany and moved to England in year four... We have actually missed out year three because of different settings in the two countries. I can't imagine how big our accent was back then because now it isn't as much. We get annoyed quickly and like ranting. We love drawing, doodling, daydreaming and much more. Strangely our strongest point at school is English... We are currently in our final year of GCSEs and are... Dying because of all the tests...

We love manga like Naruto but tend to prefer the first one. The first manga we watched is Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon! We don't actually watch Hetalia that much but write things from it to see how other people will think of our story ideas.

We are trying to improve our drawings and use a netbook to draw, we are saving up for a tablet...


Deviant ID

:iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz:Us! by XMajutsu-shiX


My stamps to tell my story

Germans by LazloTitanProud to be German by Wearwolfaa Favorite Characters Stamp by Stamp221Edit Undo Stamp by HappyStamp Being Watched...Stamp by Roxx-1 MY ONE AND ONLY STAMPPPP by pumpkynSarcastic Stamp by PixieDust01Day Dreamer Stamp by Sora05Wishful Thinking by whispwillStop Eating the Stamps by EmeraldTokyo I Respect All Art Stamp Revamp by Sinister-Starfeesh stamp - don't judge a book... by Daeg-NihtBackground Music by Skylark-93Writers Stamp by shadow-wolf-haunts Sarcasm Stamp by tailfeatherCharacter Stamp by ArpieNinja Stalker stamp by AisteachSamStamp - Character Cruelty Zone by Fullmetal-PhantomStamp: Tortured characters by Ava-cat Nomnom attack stamp animated by Sinister-StarfeeshI support ignoring by prosaixOpen your Mind Stamp by quazo Character Stamp by ArpieJust mumble by 1FoxyladyGhost Stamp by Dragongirl269Shy Stamp by Neko-MusumeHe doesn't appreciate that by WarriorofJesusCookie stamp by Leafbreeze7I'm Famous Stamp by KhrinxDisconnected Rage Stamp by KhrinxArt Block Stamp by Khrinx


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