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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa by XMajutsu-shiX

Czar had never really hugged  anyone before in his life before, it wasn't his fault that (Name) had started crying, it wasn't his fault that he hadn't known what to do... it just wasn't his fault. Czar stepped back biting his lips.

"You should probably take the rest of the day off..." He said as gently as he could. (Name) sniffed and nodded waiting for Czar to walk out. "I'll check up on you later..." With that Czar turned to leave. (Name) sighed and flopped on the bed.


King Ivan glanced around before finally looking back at his guardian. Czar had made himself comfortable opposite him and was now criticizing each and every piece of paperwork King Ivan had done. 

"You know... that girl... is far too young for you..." King Ivan interrupted Czar, he stared at him. Czar blinked placing the paperwork on the desk and leaning back in his chair, Czar's expression had changed- which didn't really happen very often since he preferred keeping his face as neutral as possible. His face wore a confused expression until realization finally hit him. Czar stared at the King as if he was the most stupidest being on the planet, which in Czar's mind he was... one of the most stupidest people on the planet.

"I- wait...Ivan... you think I like her or something?" Czar asked slowly, almost daring Ivan to say yes, in which case Ivan would not live to see the next day. But then again, maybe he'd seen them hugging- but that couldn't just make that thought come in his head. Well, obviously (Name) and Czar did have a relationship but not like the one the King had in mind... Czar smiled sweetly at the King, King Ivan shuffled uncomfortably at being stared at. "Look Ivan, I'm not that type of person as you seem to have forgotten." Czar paused letting the dry joke sink in and laughed quietly to himself. "No, (Name) is like a..." He thought for a bit, wondering how to explain it. Well, he had realized that he hadn't been as protective as anyone before... Czar finally nodded, " She's like a daughter to me." The King blinked at him, for some reason he didn't know if that was a good thing or not and he didn't even know why he wondered if it was a good thing or not because why would he care since he had nothing to do with (Name) but still somewhere at the back of his mind he was still thinking that it wasn't much of a good thing.

"I knew that, now you have work to do, da?" He asked, uncomfortable at the smile that was still on Czar's face. Czar examined his fingernails and glanced at the King an amused expression lingering on his face. 

"Actually, I have a day off..." He glanced at Ivan who seemed to look crestfallen. "Look Ivan, what I thought was wrong yesterday." Ivan blinked at his guardian, frowning slightly. 

"What do you mean..." He asked, staring at Czar who sighed. 

"I thought that maybe (Name)... liked you but it seems like that isn't the case." Ivan didn't know why that hurt so much. "Well she does have feelings for you..." King Ivan glanced at Czar, trying not to be hopeful, then again he wondered why he cared so much. "She hates you with all her guts and more." King Ivan blinked, his tummy sinking. "Now, I don't know why but something must have happened and I know that you don't know what happened either but it seems (Name) hasn't forgotten some things which happened between the two of you." Czar stared at him. "Don't you worry I'll find out why she hates you so much." He continued reassuringly, Ivan was not reassured- actually he wondered what would happen if Czar started hating him... his life would be in danger and nobody would know. 

Czar stood up stood up just as (Name) walked in. "Oh, good morning (Name).", Czar nodded at her direction, (Name) grumbled, last nights events still clear in her head."Had a nice sleep?" His question was again replied to with a grumble. "Why yes me too, well I'll be going then." (Name) sighed and glanced at the King who was staring thoughtfully at the desk, as if she wasn't standing there.

"Your Highness, your coffee..." (Name) placed the coffee on the table. The King glanced at her.

"(Name) was it?" (Name) didn't reply, she just nodded. "well, I was just wondering... what I meant to say... oh never mind" (Name) blinked, staring at the King weirdly, she nodded and walked back out. 


King Ian knew where he would go, he'd go to the field of sunflowers. They'd make him feel better, they were right next to a field of roses which he didn't know why they still existed. He was sure he wanted to have that field removed long ago. King Ivan sighed shoving his hands in his pockets. His life seemed so complicated now- he did't know what was happening any more. At least he could be alone here in this field. Only a few more minuted to go and he'd be there, King Ivan stopped. Someone was in the field of roses already- why weren't they near the sunflowers he was sure everyone preferred sunflowers... well everyone he asked did agree that sunflowers were by far better- that is everyone except Czar who seemed to like disagreeing to everything King Ivan did or said or even thought. 

King Ivan strode forward, a look of annoyance on his face. "Excuse me." His words were polite since that was what he had been thought to say but they still sounded almost harsh. The person seemed to be asleep- how could you sleep in a field full of roses? The person didn't wake up, King Ivan glared down and in their sleep the person shuffled. Wait- it was a girl, it was that (Name), the one who apparently hated him with all her guts and more... (Name) shuffled around.

"Excuse me..." (Name) grumbled, pushing herself up, she'd been having such a nice sleep as well! She blinked seeing the face of the King smiling down at her. It reminded her of something- seemed almost like a dejavu... her thoughts were interrupted by the King's voice.

"Do you like roses, little sunflower?" The words were out of his mouth before he knew it, he didn't usually call people sunflower...

"Erm... I guess... yeah..." (Name) looked around, she was sure this conversation had occurred before. The King stared at her.

"More than sunflowers then?" (Name) thought for a bit, they were both nice but at the moment she preferred roses.

"I guess..." She stopped- this conversation had happened before... long ago... The King frowned.

"I thought this field would have been gone by now..." He explained, staring around with an expression of distaste. (Name) realized when those words had been spoken before, long ago- a long long time ago. Well maybe not that long but still, it seemed so long ago. The difference was that she had been dressed up as a boy at that time. The King blinked as well, a memory tugging at the back of his mind. The King frowned.

"What do you prefer (Name)?" He asked slowly as (Name) jumped to her feet. "Roses or Sunflowers?"(Name) stared at him, the King glanced at her. 

"I..." (Name) shook her head slowly. This was too weird. 

"The sunflower field is a far greater beauty than this place." The King explained leading her to the field of sunflowers. He stopped. He had been here before with someone... (Name) glanced around uncomfortably. Good memories... She thought sarcastically to herself.

"I'm sure I had asked for the rose field to be removed" King Ivan muttered to himself, slightly confused. He stared at the sunflower fields for a while. He was quiet for a few minutes

"Your voice hasn't broken yet, has it (Boy-Name)?" he said suddenly. (Name) stared at him, her face turning red. 

"Its because I'm a girl" she squeaked "and that's not my name"

King Ivan blinked, looking confused "Forgive me, I don't know why I just said that" he muttered

But I do (Name) thought miserably. 

The King sat down unsteadily, his hands on his head. (Name) bit her lips

"Um..shall I call-"

"No" King Ivan snapped harshly, he took a deep breath, calming himself down "No- its fine, I'm fine" he lied, his head burning. "You may go" 

(Name) nodded, and quickly turned away, half running back towards the castle, she could feel somebody's eyes on her, making her uncomfortable, she stepped into the castle and sighed, closing the door behind her. 

That had been weird. That had been like a bad dejavu. (Name) grumbled to herself, trying to remember which side her new room was in, she was still busy thinking about how cursed she was when someone's voice interrupted her thoughts. 

"(Name)!" the voice called, (Name) recognized the voice and sped up a bit. This must be her luckiest day, she quickly ran into the closest room she could, slamming the door behind her. She started fumbling with the lock, her heart racing, she was in no mood to see him or talk to him, in fact she didn't want to be in the same room as him as long as it was to see him get executed. Just as (Name) had finally worked out how to use the lock, the door burst open, nearly killing (Name), she fell backwards with a yell, tumbling onto her bottom. She stared at the man in front of her, her face filling with hatred, but she had no time to talk. 

King Ivan rubbed his temple, walking down the castle's corridors, he glanced at the time. He had to finish his paperwork, now that his guardian was here,he couldn't slack, but still the image of (Name) clouded his mind. Why has he called her (Boy-Name)? And how come he always got a headache when he saw her? She was very annoying, of course but-

She's very pretty Something at the back of his head said. The King quickly shook the thought out of his head. He looked in panic towards his Guardian's room. What if he had heard him think that? Don't be stupid Ivan he thought to himself he can't hear your thoughts. He sighed one last time, walking towards his office door. 

"(Name)" The General smiled and wrenched her to her feet. (Name) tried not to squeak in horror and shock, (and fear and and anxiety and the list could go on but you get the point).

"Get off me you idiot!" She yelled trying to wrench herself away, but it was no use, the General, however useless he was, was strong, and stronger than her, he ignored her pathetic attempts to pull herself away. 

"Look (Name)" The General hissed shoving his face nearer so that they were nose to nose and she could smell his horrible breath "when I don't ask you to talk, you-don't-talk" he tightened his grip.

"I told you to GET OFF ME you  perverted lunatic" (Name) yelled shoving the General away from herself and causing him to stagger back "AND DON'T YOU BLOODY TOUCH ME" she looked in panic at the door. Why did it have to be sound proof?

"I will do whatever I want to do with you" The General hissed "You are my wife, you are MINE, I own you, get it in your head" he stepped forward so again they were facing each other. (Name) didn't flinch. She laughed bitterly.

"You wish" (Name) spat. The General looked down at her, his face red with fury.

"Don't-talk-back-to-me (Name)" he whispered. (Name) opened her mouth to say something. The next second she was on the floor her face stinging making her eyes teary. She stared at him. 

"D-don't you dare" she hissed trying to sound as confident as she was before.

The General lifted her clean off the floor by the cuff of her neck

"I dare, what will you do...wife?"

"get off me" (Name) muttered, her eyes starting to sting, trying to pull herself away.

"Repeat what you said" The General whispered "Go on, repeat it"


The General slammed her against the wall, causing her breath to get knocked out of her lungs.

"don't try and act clever" he said softly and paused "Any more words?"

"I- can't-"

"Doesn't matter (Name), I don't need a big wedding, I'll just have the papers signed today, and tonight, you'll be sleep-" his sentence was interrupted (Name) kicked forward. The General stumbled back a few steps, his face was suddenly ablaze with anger. He grabbed her arms before she could move, pinning her to the wall.

"DON'T-YOU-DARE" he yelled smashing her back onto the wall with each word. (Name) was losing conciseness  she could feel something warm sliding down her head, but she was too scared to think about what it was. She tried to peel The General's hands away gritting her teeth.

"get off me" she choked. 

"You are my wife, I can do anything with you! Anything!" The General screamed, his voice rising with each word, he brought his fist back.

(Name) felt an incredibly sharp pain in her gut and yelled out. She saw someone at the door, his eyes widening a little, with only the blinding pain to assure her that she was still alive, she felt herself slipping into darkness, the General's hands tightened. She was dying- she was dying- 

King Ivan's shock was replaced by anger, he strode forward, smashing his fist into the General's side. The General staggered to the side, letting out a scream. King Ivan glanced at him, squirming in agony at the floor, before rushing towards (Name), he knelt down beside her, his face controlled with the pain of the biggest headache yet. 
Control yourself Ivan, not now he thought, clenching his teeth. He saw nothing for a second, before the pain died down as suddenly as it had come. He took in a deep breath and scooped (Name) up, his expression calm and collected. 
He remembered. 

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